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I knit by hand and according to my own designs, using largely locally sourced natural fibre yarns. My specialty is seamless knitting in the round, whereby an article of clothing is created and shaped in one piece on a set of circular or double-pointed needles.

While I was taught to knit 'flat' as a child, when I returned to knitting as an adult I quickly fell in love with the seamless, circular method. The seamless method of garment construction dates back to the earliest forms of knitting and was traditional in Ireland until the mid-1800s, at which point knitting-for-hire made pieced assembly more practical for groups of women sharing the work.The seamless knitting method, however, continues to hold unique merits. It is better suited to making adjustments in fit and style at various stages of the knitting process. The finished garment feels more comfortably on the body, without seams digging into the skin. Seamless knitting also possesses a distinctive sculptural look that holds a special aesthetc appeal.

In my designs, I use traditional techniques such as cables and basic lace work, as well as a variety of shaping techniques, to create well-tailored, wearable pieces.