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No One Puts Yarn Baby in the Corner



It's a ridiculous situation that I never thought I'd be in. But apparently I now own yarn that I find myself incapable of using!

The culprit? Jill Draper's Empire - that 770g hank of aran-weight American sheep-to-skein Rambouillet, known affectionately as the Yarn Baby.

If you don't know about this yarn already, the idea is that it's a sweater's quantity presented in one unbroken hank. Which is cool, and cute, and - so I thought at least - a rather useful idea... except for one problem! That it's so darn cute, no one wants to 'ruin' this gorgeous, human infant-sized hank by actually taking it apart and ...oh, I don't know... knitting with it?


I was so looking forward to working with Jill Draper's yarn when I got it earlier in the year. That I now I keep it on a chair, only stroking it occasionally like some sort of precious antique plush toy, is sheer insanity. 

Am I going to have to buy a sweater's quantity of the less adorable mini-Empires (same yarn, but presented in standard 100g hanks), just to be able to knit with this stuff? My finances say no. But I can't bring myself to dismantle Yarn Baby!

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