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The Mysterious Case of the Magically Fitting Sweater



When designing the Luck Has Nothing to Do With It sweater for S Twist Wool, I was asked to knit the sample in a specific size. Which was of course totally fine. Except that the size had to fit a size 40" chest with some ease (which I interpreted as the sweater itself being 44") and my husband - who is also my inhouse male model - measures 44.5". And so the search for a suitable model began. Of course, the men around these parts don't tend to know their chest measurements offhand. So I arranged for several of my friends who I thought might be close to the sample size to model for me, hoping for the best.

And then, an interesting thing happened.

The sweater fit them all! Despite the fact that their actual chest measurements ranged from 38" to 43". 


So here is Mr. O, who is a 43". You can see there is a tad of pulling around the widest part of his chest, but it does fit, and looks rather nice I think. Meanwhile, in the aerial shot earlier Mr. K measures 40" and with 4" of ease the sweater looks fine as well.


The fit is a bit roomier still on Mr C., who is 38" around the chest.


And then here it is on me - a mere 34". Too long, yes. But not overly loose looking, I don't think? Even my husband, at 44.5", can fit into this sweater. And the only part of it that looks blatantly too small for his frame, is the yoke depth. Width-wise, the negative ease actually looks kind of good.

By far not everything I've knit has been this versatile in fit. And I suspect the cause of this versatility is in large part the yarn. When worked in stockinette, the aran weight S Twist Wool feels unusually stretchy, to the point that if I were told it has substantial nylon content (it doesn't), I would believe it. What exactly determines whether a yarn has this quality, I don't know - but I am certainly inspired to find out. 

In the meanwhile, the sample sweater is leaving me for a little tour of festivals and yarn shops. And I will probably knit another, this time for my husband, in a size with a tad more positive ease for his frame.