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The Remake-Along! with Knitting the Stash



Having officially submitted my entry to the Remake-Along 2018, I wanted to let you know about this fabulous project, organised by Melissa of Knitting the Stash -  

Re-Make-Along Project

We all have a sweater that we picked up from a big box store, a thrift shop, or our granny’s basement … we love something about it, but there is also something left to be desired: it doesn’t totally fit us, it’s falling apart, or it’s made from some strange acrylic brew. So, let’s Re-Make these gems into something we love!

The Project: Choose a sweater and post a picture in our Ravelry group. Here, we’ll discuss what we like, what we hate, and HOW we’re going to make the big change in 2018! We’ll have a blast learning from each other. And in the end, we’ll all have a better sweater!

Anyone can join in at any point in 2018. We’ll surely have some prizes along the way for progress and I’ll do a giveaway at the end of next year for anyone who has finished a garment.

My own entry, pictured above, is a gauzy mohair-blend sweater, purchased 5 years ago from Benetton. I have worn it quite a bit over the years, and it has acquired some stains and holes in the process. I would now like to remake it, with some minor modifications.

What I like about the original sweater: 
. the drapey, flowing style
. the yarn weight and gauge it is knitted at
. the colour, more or less
. the size and fit, for the most part

What I don’t like about the original sweater: 
. the seams
. the nylon content (it's a kid mohair-nylon blend)
. the style of neckline
. the useless ribbed edgings (they look inelegant compared to the rest of the sweater and still curl up despite the ribbing)

My plan is to re-knit this sweater in a kid mohair-silk blend, seamlessly, with a more open neckline and with i-cord edgings. The size and fit will be similar to the original, but perhaps I would like to make it just a tad longer.


Happily, I already own yarn that is suitable for the job. It is a laceweight 70% kid mohair /30% silk blend from Pickles Norway, and it's a shade of lilac that is just a smidgen darker and warmer than the original sweater, which suits me better colour-wise.

And as far as construction, I am thinking a boxy, top-down, contiguous sleeves sort of thing?… well, I still have time to decide. I will most likely begin knitting in late March, and will hopefully will have re-made the sweater in time for the lilacs to blossom. 

If the Remake-Along sounds like a fun project, join us!  You can be an experienced knitter, or not - Melissa is releasing a series of instructional videos for every step of the process, so have a look!

You can access the Remake-Along ravelry thread here.
Watch the first Remake-Along instructional podcast here
And visit the Knitting the Stash website here

I am excited to be taking part!