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Fit Clinic: If Your Hat Is Too Loose at the Brim...



After my earlier post on raglan sleeve sweaters, I thought it might be useful to mention another problem area I often hear about from knitters: hats!

Hats, eh? Yes, they are quick and easy to knit. And yet so many seem to experience fit issues. The most common problem, seems to be that the hat is loose at the brim, and that it grows ever-looser with wear - to the point that it eventually it starts to slide, or fall, off the wearer's head!

As before, I have finally had a look at the patterns folks who mention this problem are using. And I've noticed a common theme: The instructions call for the brim of the hat to be knitted over the same number of stitches as the body, and/or on the same size needles.

This I found quite surprising, having myself been taught that the brim of a knitted hat must be considerably tighter than the body, in order for the hat to stay on the wearer's head. 

For example: For a typical beanie, as a rule of thumb, I would want the brim to be knitted over 75% of the body stitches, and on needles at least 1mm smaller in diameter than the needles used for the body.

So, let's say you are using a hat pattern (bottom-up, in the round), and it reads as follows:
. Cast on 100 stitches using 4mm needles; close round
. Work in ribbing until brim measures 1"
. Then work in pattern until hat measures as desired, before decreasing for the crown

If you want the hat to sit more snugly on your head, modify these instructions as follows:
. Cast on 75 stitches using 3mm needles; close round
. Work in ribbing until brim measures 1"
. Switch to 4mm needles
. Next Round: K all, and at the same time increase by 25 stitches evenly throughout the round
. Then work in pattern  until hat measures as desired, before decreasing for the crown

Note that even if you are going for a relaxed or slouchy beanie, the fit of the brim should still be tight if the hat is to stay on securely. So depending on how slouchy the design is meant to be, I would try knitting the brim over 65%, 60%, or maybe even 50% of the body stitches, and again on needles at least 1mm smaller in diameter.

Hopefully, the above makes sense and is helpful! 

{And one request here, dear readers: If you enjoy a post, or have further questions about the topic, please comment here rather than emailing me  - firstly, because I live in a rural area and my internet time is very limited; and second so that others can benefit from what you have to say or ask. I allow anonymous commenting, so there are no obstacles or privacy issues. Thanks in advance!}