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Call for Pre-Knitters



I have a number of new patterns coming out this Autumn and Winter, for which I will soon be seeking pre-knitters. I am putting together a mailing list specific to announcements of pre-knitting opportunities. If you think you might like to be included, please read below - 

What is Pre-Knitting?

Pre-knitting is intended as a casual and relaxed programme that benefits both knitter and designer with minimal obligation or stress on the part of either. Pre-knitters receive a complimentary copy of the pattern before it is available to the public. Pre-knitters are asked to begin working on their projects, and post project pages on ravelry, by a certain date. Finishing to a deadline is not a requirement. There is also no 'testing' of the pattern as such, as pre-knitters receive a copy of the pattern which is tech-edited and deemed ready for publication. They simply receive it ahead of everyone else. 

How does Pre-Knitting compare to Test-Knitting?

Pre-knitting is similar to test knitting in that you have access to the pattern before it is published. Pre-knitting is different from test knitting in that you are not required to test anything as such, or to finish by a deadline. If you like a pattern and want to get started on it asap, pre-knitting gives you an opportunity to get ahold of an early copy with fairly minimal obligation in return.

What happens if I sign up for a Pre-Knit, but change my mind or am unable to start by the stated date?

Nothing happens. Please don't stress! Obviously if you do this repeatedly, I will be less likely to select you for future Pre-Knits. But I won't be annoyed or think poorly of you. Things happen, I understand. It's only knitting!  

Is there a Ravelry forum to discuss Pre-Knits?

At the moment, no - as that is not something I am equipped to handle, either time-wise or internet availability-wise (I live in a remote rural area and spend much of my days outdoors). If you have questions about any part of the pattern, please feel free to email me.

Okay, sign me up!

Excellent. Please fill out the form below. When a pattern becomes available for pre-knitting, you will be notified with all relevant details, as well as instructions for how to join in.