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In Action: Whimsical Husband-Lopi



I do not think my husband would object to my describing him as 'one of those people who cannot sit still'. And don't get me wrong - this is much to my delight, as I too am the restless, rambunctious type. Amazingly though, his level of energy exceeds even mine, and often approaches that of a toddler who's just been fed chocolate ...which creates excellent opportunity to test the performance of knitwear within a short space of time.

I finished this sweater on Christmas morning, which makes it just about 2 weeks old at present. Within those two weeks, the sweater has been worn to climb hills, explore forests, pedal bicycles, row boats, and take photos in rain and hail. It has been stretched this way and that, scraped against rocks, snagged on tree branches, sprayed with dirt, and pored on. That it looks all the better for it, brings me great joy and relief. 


I knit this sweater out of the Icelandic Lettlopi wool, top-down, with circular yoke construction. As Gary did not want a full-on Icelandic colourwork yoke, I made it mostly solid green-gray, with just a stripe of colour around the shoulders, and similar stripes around the cuffs. 


Here is what the colourwork motif looks like close up. Unintentionally, it sort of resembles candles, making it appropriately Christmasy!


As far as fit, I deliberately made the sweater oversized, so that he could wear it over several under-layers and still have freedom of movement. It came out quite loose around the torso, to the extent that I am considering taking it in a bit (essentially ripping back and re-knitting from the underarms down), as Gary prefers a neater fit in that area.

Strangely though, the sweater only looks loose to the eye, and when he stands still. On camera, and especially when he is moving, it actually drapes around his torso quite photogenically. So... I am going to wait another week and see whether he still wants it neater-fitting in the torso before doing anything. 


In the meanwhile, it has been freezing cold here and so the Lopi sweater is getting quite a bit of wear. Reliably, the wool performs its moisture-repellent magic.

You can read more on my thoughts about the Lettlopi yarn here. As mentioned earlier, some people find the 'hairiness' of this yarn prickly against their neck and wrists. And so I lined the collar and cuffs of my husband's sweater with a softer yarn to make it comfy. 


I do not think I will turn this specific sweater into a pattern. The proportions and placement of the colourwork stripe are quite specific to my husband's preferences, and I would change a few things if I were to design it for the hypothetical Average Male. Also, I want to get a bit more comfortable with knitting colourwork again before using it in garment patterns. But I think later this year, and after a few more whimsical practice-sweaters, I should feel ready. Happily, it looks like we are in for a cold winter, and so my love-affair with Lettlopi continues!