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What Does a Month of Knitting Look Like?



As a relatively fast knitter, I often get asked how many things I make in a month / a year / a week. And I get it: people enjoy numbers, statistics; they want to visualise a specific number of items upon an imaginary shelf. But sadly, I disappoint them, because honestly - I have no idea. I am not a numbers person, and I do not keep track. My knitting process is chaotic, and also rather compartmentalised. There are the things I make for commissioned designs, and I keep a separate set of records for each client. But as far independent designs and personal knitting, it just never occurs to me to add up and record these things, let alone to take note of when I start and finish each project.

That said! January of this year was an interesting exception. I do not know why, but I decided to keep track. And the result is unexpectedly tidy, as all of these projects were both started and finished in the month of January.

Finally, a simple straight answer: I knitted seven things last month!

One cardigan - for me.
One cowl - a commissioned design.
And five (5!) pairs of socks - all Integrated Heel experiments.

Is this a typical knitting month? As far as volume, yes - if anything, on the slow side, as I was still unwell for the first week of January and wasn’t able to do much. As far as the kinds of things knitted, less typical. I very rarely knit cowls, so that’s an anomaly. And I would usually make more sweaters, typically 2-3 a month. And way fewer socks. Normally I max out at a pair of socks a month, maximum two pairs, before I overdose and never want to see a sock again. But this was the month of the Integrated Heel, so that explains the sock mania.

I am going to try to keep this up from now on, and see how I do. Knowing my work process, I am not holding my breath. But it would be rather lovely to have a record for an entire year.