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Integrated Heel Knit-Along!



This is a knit-along open to anyone knitting socks using the Integrated Heel method. All details and updates will be posted here, as well as in the LB Handknits ravelry group.

START DATE: 17th of February 2019
Today is the official starting date. I waited until this date, as I wanted to have at least a couple of published patterns available to choose from before announcing. However, socks made before this date (including pre-knitters’ projects) are also eligible.

END DATE: 17th of August 2019
This is the official and firm closing date. Let’s make some socks before Autumn arrives!

1. Any pair of adult socks knitted with the Integrated Heel, and completed by the end date, is eligible.
2. You may use one of my patterns, or a pattern of your choosing (substituting that pattern’s heel with the Integrated Heel).
3. Socks may be knitted in fingering-weight, sport-weight, or DK-weight yarn.
4. If you knit multiple pairs of socks, they are eligible as individual entries.
5. If a single pair of socks meets criteria for multiple categories (see below) it may be entered into all of those categories separately.
6. Entries may be submitted on ravelry or on instagram (see below)

There will be 2 overall ‘grand prizes' for this KAL, and 4 additional category-based prizes, for an amazing total of 6 prizes! I do not know what the prizes will be yet, but it will be something interesting (and flexible, so that winners have some choice in colour, etc), with larger bundles for the overall prizes, and smaller ones for each of the 4 categories.

Grand Prizes:
1. Random Selection Winner: a special prize will go to an entry selected at random from all the eligible entries
2.Merit-Based Winner: a special prize will go to the participant who knits the most pairs of eligible socks by the closing date

Category-Based Prizes:
Selections will be made at random, among entries eligible for each of the following 4 categories:
1. Projects using non-superwash and/or nylon-free yarns
2. Projects using yarn from an Ireland-based manufacturer, indie dyer, or retail shop (either Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland)
3. Projects using the Integrated Heel in a non-LB Handknits pattern (excluding ‘vanilla’ patterns)
4. Participants who submit 2 entries or more using (different) LB Handknits patterns


To take part via ravelry:
1. Reply to the Knit-Along thread in the LB Handknits Group indicating that you are taking part
2. For each pair of socks, set up a project page with at least 1 picture (which must show a completed pair of socks by the closing date)
3. If your entry is eligible for any of the individual categories, state this in the Project Notes (for example: 'Integrated Heel KAL: Cat 1&4’).

To take part via instagram:
1. To indicate you are taking part, use the hashtags integratedheelKAL and integratedheel
2. For each finished pair of socks, make sure to post a picture by the closing date showing the completed project with the above hashtags so that I can find it!
3. If your entry is eligible for any of the individual categories, state this in the text (for example: 'Integrated Heel KAL: Cat 1&4’).

I will keep a list of registered participants both here on the blog, and on the LB Handknits ravelry group. Winners will likewise be announced both here and in the group.

At the moment, the following patterns are available:
. Basic Sock with Integrated Heel (this is the original tutorial)
. A Pale Fire
. Bashful Fireflies

More patterns will be published in the coming weeks and months, including at least one colourwork pattern! Keep an eye out also for pre-knit announcements (in the LB Handknits ravelry group), as pre-knit projects are eligible entries.


Are knitters from all regions of the world eligible? If I win a prize, will you post to my far-away location?
Yes. And absolutely yes - as long as you are okay with economy un-registered postage.

I am not on ravelry or instagram. Can I take part via facebook or by emailing you my entry?
Regrettably, no. I am not equipped, time-wise, to cope with entries in a format other than specified here. Thank you for understanding.

Must I buy one of your patterns to take part? What if I can’t afford it?
Technically yes, as even if you use the Integrated Heel with a pattern of your choosing, you still need to know how to work the heeI, which you can only learn in one of my patterns. I discount the patterns heavily in their first week of release to make sure they are as accessible as possible. If nevertheless you cannot afford to buy a pattern, I would still love for you to take part in this knit-along. Get in touch with me privately and I will gift you a pattern.

A thank you to all for trying the Integrated Heel design. If you have any questions about this knit-along, please feel free to ask. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects.

I keep an up-to-date list of registered ravelry participants on the LB Handknits group. A complete list with both ravelry and instagram participants will be posted here as we approach the closing date.