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Based in County Donegal, Ireland, LB Handknits is a one-woman cottage industry. With over two decades of knitting experience and a love for natural yarns, I aim to create uncomplicated and flattering garments based on traditional technique.

A little about me...

A writer, artist and recovering academic, I was initially taught to knit as a young child. Age 4 seems far-fetched, but it must have been around then as I remember struggling to knit and to read at roughly the same time!

Both my mother, and my paternal grandmother were knitters and set out to teach me, separately. From them I picked up a mixture of the Russian and the German methods, probably best described as 'hybrid continental.' I also learned, at an early age, the basic principles of knitting various types of garments without the need to follow a pattern. In fact, until fairly recently I did not even know that patterns existed! If you wanted to knit a skirt, I was taught, this is how you knit a skirt. And this is how you knit a sweater. Learning this at an early age established the foundation for my ability to knit in an improvised, flexible manner. 

Although my interest in knitting waned through my teens, it returned with a vengeance when I was living in freezing northern New England in my late 20s, and has steadily grown since - as has my arsenal of skills and ideas. In 2013 I moved to Ireland and fell in love with seamless knitting in the round, as well as with luscious Donegal Tweed yarns. I am currently working on a collection of easy to wear, easy to follow patterns that incorporate both. 

For a few years now, I have been a Knitter for Hire, as it were - making clothing of my own design for friends and friends-of-friends, mostly through word of mouth. I am now pleased to offer a scattering of ready-made items, as well as some downloadable patterns, here in the shop.

Oh, and if you're wondering what 'LB' in LB Handknits stands for, you can read all about that here.

Custom Orders

If you are looking to order a custom hand-knitted garment, please see here for details. To get an idea of the sorts of things I knit, please have a browse through the look book


I am available for local one-on-one instruction and have experience teaching classes, small and large. Techniques I specialise in include continental knitting, seamless knitting, top-down sweater construction, and dressmaking. To arrange a visit to your classroom or knitting group, please get in touch

In Northern Ireland, I am represented by Row by Roe in Limavady, Co. Derry. If you find yourself in the area, a visit to this wonderful yarn shop is a must.

Thank you for visiting! This site is brand new, and I am sketching it out as I go along. Check back for regular additions, or sign up for the Newsletter to keep updated.